I love my friends and I share my life with them.
You want to be my friend? Introduce yourself here, you must have some updates on your journal and 
something on your user info so I can know something about you.

I write private stuff here so I cant add you if you dont tell me something about you.
I wont add just anyone, we must have something in common, check my profile and see what I like.

And please if you ask me to add you is because you will comment in my journal and respect my opinion.
My journal, my opinion, my rules.

Right now I have 196  mutual  friends so I will be very selective.
You think I over react? There are other journals you can go check, thanks.




spuffy style shagging

Looking for fiction

This one goes to ALL my friends. Please recomend amazing fics to me.

What about?

Buffy (Spuffy or Spangel)

Bones (Booth/Brennan)

AtS (Season 5 Spangel)

Very good works that you guys think are worth the time, I AM SICK OF CRAPPY FICTION, is full of it so please HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I like romance with angst and lots of hot

If its not like that but its good its ok.

Please let the suggestions come....


edit.- Please people I have free time to kill *on her knees*
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OMGGGGG!!!!!! *faints*

A couple of weeks ago I asked Eric Millegan for an autographed photo and he told me just to e-mail him my adress so he could send it to my house, I gave him the adress but I didnt believe that I will get it so I forgot about it...and today my mailman gave me a huge envelope and when I opened OMG!!!!!! it is...
and its a BIG one :)




Thanks so much Eric *hugs*

(yes, I am a crazy person who gets happy because of a  photo with a signature on it, yes ....I am a FAN)


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